• Massage and Movement Therapy

    Heal your body through focused movements and body awareness

  • ARE YOU:

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    But keep pushing through.

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    You keep trying gadgets and exercises but nothing seems to make a lasting difference.

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    If this is how you feel now, how will you feel as you age?

  • Let Movement WORKS work for you

    Massage + Movement = A Sustainable Approach To Treatment 

    Alignment - Breathe - Mindful Movement

    The portal to living a pain free movement based lifestyle.

    Imagine being able to:

    • Keep up with your kids as they crawl, run, and jump
    • Feel pain-free after long walks
    • Put in a full day of work, and have energy for your family in the evening
    • Keep up with your housework without worrying about aches and pains
    • Cook a big family dinner without exhaustion
    • Move like you used to

    Working together, we will restore your vitality and mobility through whole body movements.

    • The foundations of natural movement
    • How to avoid movements that require bracing
    • How to gently shift your body into its neutral alignment 
    • How to integrate proper alignment and correct biomechanics into all activities of daily life
    • How to RELEASE your body to move well and with ease, ultimately improving your energy levels

    Movement WORKS will help you enjoy every step you take.


    • Diastasis Recti
    • Pelvic Organ Prolapse
    • Urinary Incontinence
    • Pre/Post Surgical Rehab
    • Pre/Post Joint Replacement
    • Cardiovascular and Respiratory Health Concerns
    • Gastrointestinal Disorders
    • Lower Back Pain / DDD
    • Disc Herniations / Spinal Stenosis
    • Osteoposorsis / Osteopenia
    • Osteoarthritis 
    • Tendinopathies  / Bursitis
    • Repetitive Strain Injuries
    • Spasms, Strains & Sprains
    • Frozen Shoulder / Rotator Cuff
    • Carpel Tunnel
    • Sciatica / Piriformis Syndrome
    • Inflammatory Conditions
    • Chronic Persistent Pain
    • Headaches and Migraines
    • TMJ
    • Plantar fasciitis 
    • Bunions / Heel Spurs


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    Wellness and balance for every body



    Massage therapy is proactive self care.


    Massage therapy sessions enhance your overall well-being and can be used as part of an acute, chronic, preventative care or rehabilitation program.

    Movement Works Massage Therapy services can be an important part of your health maintenance plan by:

    • Reducing or eliminating pain
    • Improving joint mobility
    • Improving circulation
    • Improving lymphatic drainage
    • Reducing muscular tension
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    Move better today to
    move more tomorrow


    Movement is essential to human health and well-being.


    When it becomes inhibited, for whatever reason, the effects can be felt on multiple levels. Movement Therapy addresses those limitations.


    Movement Works guides you towards improving:

    • Body awareness
    • Movement efficiency
    • Overall endurance
    • Capacity for more and varied whole body movements
    • Quality of life
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    Combining massage and movement therapy to accelerate healing


    From the feet to the crown and inside out, a customized treatment program will ensure you get lasting results.


    A safe and effective program will be developed based on a comprehensive case history and whole body musculoskeletal assessment.


    Private sessions include:

    • Guided progressive sequencing of corrective movements.
    • Detailed documentation of sessions is made accessible in a convenient app.
    • Evolving program to facilitate on-going healing. 
    • Education to empower ownership of your healthcare relying less on "the healthcare practitioner"
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    Moving with ease and fluidity starts in the studio and integrates into your entire life.


    Classes focus on improving overall body awareness and recognizing limitations in movement. Learn to gently facilitate your body's natural shift to neutral alignment, without any bracing or forcing any of its parts.


    Learn to perform safe, effective and mindful movements that create the stability and mobility you need to enjoy an active life.

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    Movement Works Pre/Post-Natal services help to decrease:

    • Muscle and joint pain
    • Sciatic referral pain
    • Stress hormones 
    • Depression and anxiety
    • Obstetrical complications 

    Movement Works provides support through labour and delivery:

    • Easing and potentially decreasing sensations of pain throughout all stages of labour: latent, active, and transition
    • Reducing fear and anxiety during transition
    • Decreasing length of labou.
    • Shorter hospital stay
    • Improving maternal mood
    • Improving neonatal health and development
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    Movement Works creates comprehensive and customized treatment programs for women with the following conditions:

    • Generalized heaviness or pressure in the pelvic area
    • Pelvic organ prolapse
    • Urinary incontinence
    • Urinary frequency, urgency, hesitancy or incomplete emptying
    • Spastic colon - diarrhea and constipation
    • Altered sensations within the pelvic girdle, such as numbness or burning

    The pelvic floor connects to everything above and below it. Therefore treatment requires a whole-body approach.


    Movement Works collaborates with pelvic floor physiotherapists and strongly recommends a consultation to establish a baseline regarding the integrity of the pelvic floor musculature and pelvic girdle joints.



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    Trees, mountains, forests, streams and rivers is where I move best!


    Living in an urban setting and being part of a culture that spends a huge chunk of time indoors yet LONGING to live and work on a family farm, pushed me to seek out places where I could get my "Vitamin Outdoors " as Katy Bowman refers to it.


    It was essential for me to source out as many trails and forests as I could. These hidden natural gems amidst the concrete jungle, have and continue to be a GIFT, a resource for well being and balance.


    Taking the time to move through natural landscapes while living in an urban setting, has the potential to really MOVE YOU.


    Algonquin Provincial Park in Northern Ontario is a place I call home. The vast system of pristine lakes and rocky Canadian shield offers a quiet beauty, that resonates deep within. Canoe tripping, hiking and outback camping are definetly high on the list of favorite activities.


    Over the last 20 years as my family and business grew, the need for movement and being outdoors in nature grew even stronger.

    Sedentarism and forced in-door air was NOT an option for me...Hiking became a family activity. Naturally the pace we moved at as a family was slower than if I were alone, however slowing down was an essential element, I was missing.


    With the birth of our first son, "the floor" became my gym. As the kids grew I learned to roller blade, play soccer, baseball, basketball. These pastimes taught me how to use my feet in ways I had never experienced. The hand eye coordination involved in batting and catching was definitely a workout. Not to mention the leaping and sprinting involved in games of home free, off ground tag and hide'n seek...etc

    I would forsake a spinning class and instead roll sideways down a hill with the kids or spend freezing cold nights out on the toboggan hills...down, up, down, up for hours.


    I attribute encouraging and educating others about the many benefits of simply moving more and the development of a movement based lifestyle to Katy Bowman. Her volume of work is very impressive but whats even more, is the fact that Katy embodies her material. She is a living example!


    Today, if I'm not moving with clients during business hours, I can be found gardening, walking and best of all moving outside with my family, hopefully off the beaten path.


    Moving over and through various terrains and ecosystems has and continues to provide me with a forum to grow. Enabling and encouraging space both inside and out, ultimately deepening my connections to what matters most.

    Professional Qualifications

    Sara Tamar Ackermann is a Registered Massage Therapist in good standing with the College of Massage Therapist of Ontario. since 1998 and a member of the Ontario Massage Therapy Association.


    With 20 years experience as a Health Care Practitioner, a Massage Therapy Educator and consistently being enrolled and involved with continuing education seminars, workshops, courses and certification programs, Sara draws upon a repertoire of Massage and Manual Therapy Techniques as well as Movement Modalities to treat an array of conditions. Specializing in Women's Healthcare specifically pelvic girdle wellness.


    Sara's qualifications include:

    • Certified Body Harmonics Pilates Instructor
    • Certified RES-CPT through Katy Bowman's Nutritious Movement Centre 
    • Restoring Movement through Yin Yoga, Body Mapping and the Matrix of Fascial Connections  
    • Certified Bellies Inc. Personal Trainer
    • Certified Cecile Rost Therapist 
    • Comprehensive Peri-Natal Care
    • Doula 
    Through an extensive health history combined with a comprehensive whole body assessment, a sustainable client centered treatment plan is developed. Clients have full access to the information covered in their sessions and can access the specific movement protocols prescribed.
    Developing a movement based lifestyle (at any level) is a continuous and integral part of every treatment protocol.


    Through education and the retraining of inefficient breathing, postural and movement patterns we strive to improve whole body awareness.

    Using specific objective alignment markers, body mapping techniques, manual therapy including neurodynamic techniques, feldenkrais and corrective movements, the skillset required to ward off bouts of pain and discomfort are made easily accessible .


    Ultimately shifting from a health-care practitioner dependency system to a forum that fosters a proactive self-care regime.


    Moving well is a prerequisite for a movement based lifestyle.

    Moving well requires moving efficiently and moving more.

    Movement WORKS can guide you towards to moving efficiently.

    Moving more requires a conscious decision to stop outsourcing certain daily tasks. It doesn't mean joining a gym.

    Using whole body movements to accomplish daily tasks will foster a movement based lifestyle eventually eliminating the need to "exercise"


    Developing the proprioceptive abilities to maintain the pelvis, ribs and spine in neutral alignment takes time and functional stillness.

    The physiological benefits that many experience after only 1 or 2 sessions, helps provide the necessary motivation required for the bigger picture.


    Katy Bowman's multitude of works has been and continues to be, a forum for me to deepen the understanding I have of my own body both at rest and as it moves through various spaces. Considering how different environments affect my movement patterns.

    Katy has graciously shared and compiled her knowledge into many works, all of which are made available in a variety of formats and can be found on: www.nutritiousmovement.com.


    Our bodies requires space and time in order to develop the necessary tissues required for movements; such as floor sitting, using our upper bodies for more daily tasks, or labor intensive activities. Looking within, being open when your broken and accepting limitations is a good place to start making changes. Allowing the body to relax into a specific positions, without feeling the need to hold or brace other parts in order to do so. Slow progressive changes will integrate in a profound way, creating lasting results.

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    The R.M.T. as Labour Support Provider/Doula

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    Doctors just grimaced and shrugged when they heard I was diagnosed with 'spinal stenosis'. I'd exhausted all their recommendations when I made a life-changing appointment with Sara in 2015. I was in constant discomfort and my ability to function was severely limited. I couldn't walk more than half a block. Sara looked at the medical reports, did her own assessment and tailored an exercise plan to meet my specific needs. Between appointments I worked out at home using Sara's detailed notes of the work we'd practiced together. Increasingly I put into use the functional tips Sara gave me - how to walk, sit, stand, align the body, alleviate intense pain, choose the right shoes. I'll never be pain free. And I'll always be managing this condition. But I am now fully functional, with all credit going to Sara. Priceless!

    - Rose-Ellen Levanthal


    I have been training with Sara Ackermann for over a year and can attest to her extraordinary knowledge of the body in motion, her therapeutic skills as a registered massage therapist and her exceptional ability to strengthen and heal acute and chronic issues. I have severe fibromyalgia with multiple associated syndromes (for example, she has dramatically improved bladder prolapse discomfort.) Sara has given me range of motion, core strength, relief from acute flare ups and taught me how to walk, lie and move, all without stress or pain using SAFE methods for rehabilitative to advanced functional movement. She is a treasure to have discovered and I highly recommend her.

    -Meira Kirzner


    Twenty years ago I herniated two discs in my lower back. When I was younger, a flare up would put me in a bed for a day or two. As I have gotten older, a flare up can keep me in bed for close to two weeks. I have seen more physiotherapists, kinesiologists, and health professional gurus than I care to remember. I have had several MRI’s and been encouraged by an orthopedic surgeon to have a spinal fusion. I was on a waiting list for two years until I met with a neuro-surgeon who strongly discouraged the surgery, stating that as I age, that one surgery will lead to several others. I should try to manage without it. I had pretty much given up on any long lasting solution. As a final attempt at help, I called Sara….and I am so glad I did.


    There are several things that have set Sara apart from the other professionals I have seen:

    #1 – She doesn’t isolate the problem. She has taught me to understand my body as an intricate and unified whole. She has taught me that my back pain can sometimes be sourced to my hamstrings, or my hips, or my calves, and by doing specific (and very easy) stretching exercises, I can nip the back pain in the bud, long before it turns into something debilitating. It’s been fascinating to experience this new reality!

    #2 – She has taught me about spinal health, top to bottom. In addition to my lower disc herniations, I also have neck herniations. Sara has taught me the SIMPLEST small movements I can do as soon as my back or neck start to feel misaligned. I’m not lying on the floor, with heating pads or ice packs. I’m not loading up on anti-inflammatories. I literally do the most minute movements and I’m back to good. It’s actually quite shocking.

    #3 – She is trained in so many different modalities and uses a wide variety of props. Most professionals, in most fields, have the one or two modalities they have been trained in. They have the path they follow. Sara is knowledgeable in so many different areas of movement health, that if one thing doesn’t work, she has a million other options to pull from. Sara is the opposite of one size fits all. She is customization at it's best.

    Learning from Sara has really been a life changer for me. I may still have the odd flare up if I move too quickly in a direction my spine doesn’t like, but the day-to-day challenges I used to have are things of the past. Sara has given me easy and simple tools to keep myself mobile and feeling well. It’s truly been a gift.


    - Faye Davis

    I cannot say enough about how inspiring, knowledgeable and effective Sarah Ackerman is as a wellness practitioner. She has a vast knowledge of movement, holistic health, pelvic health, women’s health, alignment and massage therapy. However, Sarah’s real expertise lies in her ability to look at and understand the personal needs of the individual standing in front of her and crafting a personalized regiment of corrective exercises necessary to optimize their health.


    - Chana Ross, Orthopaedic & Pelvic Physiotherapist, Vital Physiotherapy & Wellness



    As an academic clinician I strive to network with the best of the best. Sara has been such a wonderful collaborator in the space of women's health and pelvic health. She understands the complexities related to neurosciences, hormone regulation and modulating fitness approaches accordingly. She has demonstrated a keen passion to ensure she continues to learn from the most knowledgeable in the field including taking a number of courses through Pelvic Health Solutions, Bellies Incorporated and reaching behind Canadian boarders. When Sara and I work collaboratively with clients, magic happens!

    - Sinéad Dufour MScPT PhD, Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, The World of my Baby (WOMB)




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